ArrivalGuides strive, at all times, to give you - our destination partners - the best service possible, which includes presenting your data in the most meaningful way though our stats tool - seen here at

Most of our distribution partners are major, global brands who are highly influential with regards to the travelers that they serve, and they are using your content to persuade them to come to your destination. They are using your content, which includes photos and videos online, on their websites, in booking confirmations, newsletters, inflight and cruise entertainment screens, social media and mobile applications.

Many of our distribution partners are very sensitive about the data and stats that we want to provide to you about their business, which means we cannot give you the most accurate and complete picture when it comes to reporting the number of views your content is receiving online. Our new stats tool will allow us also include the number of views your destination gets through our distribution brands’ associated offline platforms - such as white label apps and inflight screens, which currently cannot be tabulated.

After discussions with many of our destination and distribution partners, we have changed the way that we deliver stats to you, formulated in a way that gives the most meaningful estimate of views and downloads that your destinations’ content is attracting.

We are looking forward to presenting these stats to you as they will be more accurate and encompassing. If you have any questions, please contact

Kindest regards, The team at ArrivalGuides and our network of over 340 Distribution Partners